Energising Mankind, Worshipping MotherEarth ™

REN-EN-GENSOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. specialises in offering Innovative Customised Solar Power Solutions to the various industries as per their individual requirements. The PV solar systems can be installed on Metal sheet roof-tops as well as the RCC terraces of the industrial buildings. The energy generated with this system can help augment the peak loads or day time requirement of the unit resulting in considerable savings in the electricity costs. Moreover, Accelerated Depreciation benefit makes the investment quite attractive. These innovative solutions ensure uninterrupted power supplies in order to achieve higher efficiencies thereby resulting in significant reduction in manufacturing costs. REN-EN-GEN also offers Built Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model for industries. REN-EN-GEN has a highly qualified, talented and experienced technical team who understands the process and power requirement of individual industries and design customised solutions for the same.
Industrial Units
  - Foundry / Steel / Mechanical
  - Electronics / Electrical
  - Plastic & Rubber / Chemical
  - Automobile & Ancillaries
  - Textiles / Food / Sugar
IT Parks
Product Features
Range - 50kW to 500kW
Customised Solutions
  - On grid / Off grid
  - Thermal / Hybrid
Life span 25+ years*
Payback Period 3 to 5 years*
Low Operating Cost
Quick Installation
Low Maintenance