Energising Mankind, Worshipping MotherEarth ™

REN-EN-GENoffers Grid Tie as well as Off-Grid PV Solar systems ranging from 10kW to 100kW. These systems are composed of quality PV Solar panels, high efficiency inverters and best in class balance of system components. Energy generated with these PV solar power plants can be effectively utilised to reduce the day time peak loads and hence considerable savings in the electrical charges / diesel costs. The energy can be stored in batteries for utilisation at the night time for critical applications in case of power outages.
Commercial Complex
Malls & Multiplex
Hotels & Restaurants
Educational Institutes / Hostels
Petrol Pumps
Mobile Towers
Rural Non-electrified Areas
Product Features
Range - 10kW to 100kW
On grid / Off grid
Life span 25+ years*
Payback Period 3 to 5 years*
Low Operating Cost
Easy to Install
Low Maintenance