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  REG™ SARITA - Solar Pump Systems  
REN-EN-GEN plans to penetrate Indian rural market up-to the grass root level, through its Solar Agro-Products. These products have main focus of bringing economic benefit to the farmers by harnessing the freely available Solar Energy for various applications in agricultural sector.

Initially REN-EN-GEN is coming up with Solar Water Pump System which can address the issue of lack of availability of electricity. With more and more industrialisation the severity of electricity shortage in agriculture is increasing day by day. The yield of agro-produce is highly affected due to irregular electricity for irrigation facilities. Solar Water Pump Systems replace dependence on the irregular power supply by freely available Solar Energy source.
Irrigation for Gardens & Parks
Home and Village Water Supply
Water Purification and Treatment Plants
Hotels, Resorts, Parks
Product Features
Range - 1HP to 20 HP 3 Phase 415 VAC
Electronic pump controller built in with VFD & MPPT
Auto / Manual operation
Use of Existing AC Motors
Life span 10+ years*
No Battery
Payback Period 3 to 4 years*
Low Operating Cost
Easy to Install
Low Maintenance
Further REN-EN-GEN is already working on some innovative products such as Solar Conduction Dryer and a system to produce organic fertilisers from waste. REN-EN-GEN plans to bring a basket of products specifically to cater to the agricultural sector.