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  REG™ PRAKASH - Solar LED Lighting  
Solar plus LED Lighting is currently the best environmental combination wherein the electricity consumption is reduced significantly because of the use of LED. Further with solar, the generation is switched to renewable energy source. Thus, in order offer complete environmental solution, REN-EN-GEN plans to offer LED Lighting along-with Solar. The demand for LED Lighting is increasing each day and it has become a fast moving item which helps business cycle rotation. Most of the times the customer base is common for Solar and LED products and hence to incorporate this synergy and offer a single window solution, REN-EN-GEN is offering wide range of LED products
LED Lighting as a category has quite large variety of products within itself. There are around 85 different products under this segment which are broadly classified as:
a. LED Street Lights
b. LED Industrial Bay Lights
c. LED Flood Lights
d. LED Ceiling Lights
e. LED Down Lights
f. LED Bulbs & Tubes
g. LED Torch & Lanterns
Above LED lighting products have wide range from 5W to 250W.
Bungalows / Row Houses / Farm Houses
Industrial Units
Commercial Complex
Hotels & Restaurants
Petrol Pumps
Power Plants
Product Features
Street lights : 10 to 140W
Flameproof lights : 42W
Industrial bay lights : 40 to 250W
Flood Lights
Ceiling Lights
Down Lights
Bulbs / Tubes / Lanterns
Life span 10+ years*
No Battery
Payback Period 3 to 4 years*
Low Operating Cost
Easy to Install
Low Maintenance