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  REG™ DISHA - Solar Sign-Board Systems  
In the era of urbanisation use of sign-boards is increasing everyday. The commercial tariff of electricity for lighting sign-boards is significantly high. Solar Sign-Board System is a cost-effective option for user to achieve significant savings in their power bills.
Commercial Shops / Offices
Advertise Boards
Product Features
Convert existing EB connection to Solar System through battery storage
LED type
Range 300W to 1.5kW
Life span 10+ years*
Low Operating Cost
Low Maintenance
  REG™ KIRAN - Solar Street Lights  
Application of solar in street & garden lighting is becoming popular in India. These standalone systems are durable and easy to install. Lot of electricity consumption can be converted on solar technology by use of these lighting systems. The medium and large organisations, institutions, townships etc. are the areas where the use of Solar Lighting Systems is increasing day by day.
Pathway Illumination
Roadway Illumination
Construction site
Rural Non-electrified Areas
Emergency Power Backups
Product Features
Powered by sunlight, green energy
Range - 5W to 104W
Turn off in daylight, turn on automatically at night
Water proof, dust proof
Life span 20+ years*
Payback Period 3 to 4 years*
Low Operating Cost
2 Years Warrantee